This tour is dedicated to visiting the places where Claude Monet painted :

Rouen, a major city of Normandy in which Monet realized the Cathedral series.

The beautiful village of Honfleur, an essential place in the history of the Impressionist art.

- The city of Le Havre where Monet grew up. There, he painted the famous Impression soleil levant

Etretata coast village, famous for its clives that Monet and others depicted.

- On the 2nd day, we'll drive along the coast and visit places that Monet liked.

- Finally, on the way back to Paris, we'll stop in the town of Giverny where Monet lived for 43 years until he died. We will see his house and enjoy the wonderful gardens that he patiently created. 

*Giverny tickets included 

Accommodation & Meals not included

In Monet's footsteps

2 days

€ 1900  1 to 2 pers.

€ 2100  3 to 4 pers.

€ 2250  5 to 7 pers.