We will discover both the American and Anglo-Canadian landing sectors 

The Memorial of Caen, strategic city of Normandy during the war. 
Pegasus Bridge, strategic spot that the British paratroopers took brilliantly.
Arromanches where we'll see the remains of the artificial harbor used by the allies to convey the necessary equipments. Nearby is the artillery battery of Longues-sur-Mer with its 4 canons. 

- On the 2nd day, we'll go to Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery.
La Pointe du Hoc where the U.S Rangers proved the highest courage while climbing clives under fire! 
Utah Beach and the town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise with its famous church.  

- On the 3rd day, we will visit the abbey of Mont Saint Michel, The Wonder of the Western World.

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D-Day Landings


Mont Saint Michel

3 days

€ 2700  1 to 2 pers.

€ 2800  3 to 4 pers.

€ 2900  5 to 7 pers.